Today, the world has embraced technology throughout all aspects of consumer and business life.  The dependency upon these systems is expansive and dependent upon carefully managed infrastructures.  These infrastructures involve hardware, software, and business processes.  Organizations must continually evaluate the capability of their environments, measure the directional correctness of the technology, reset to business objectives, and routinely measure all aspects to meet and support the competitive influences that are faced by the company on a daily basis.

 Intellection Strategies operates with a mission to enable and secure the trillions of interactions every day across the world through supply chain and customers.  We offer solutions that help companies to deliver on the technology promises, to achieve the performance metrics necessary for business, and ensure adequate and appropriate controls that provide confidence for executive management and the public.  Our specialities lie around risk management, information security, audit and assurance requirements, international standards adoption, compliance – governance requirements, and strategic management of these endeavors.

Intellection Strategies operates out of North America and services clients out of the European Union, and North America.