Intellection Strategies is focused on helping clients use information and information technology to create competitive advantage, optimize business performance, and achieve an ideal balance around compliance – governance – security – and risk management.

Our clients are Directors, Business executives, and assurance firms who value our independence, objectivity, and practical real-world implementation methodology

When we serve our clients on technical and strategic technology issues, we combine our knowledge and experience enterprise technology deployments with traditional strengths in finance, insurance, risk management, enterprise applications, and international compliance – standards.

Our clients ask for our assistance on challenging and important issues, such as

  • Defining and valuing the dependencies between business process and technology
  • Gap Analysis between current business processes and technology implementations against global mandates, such as: PCI DSS, HIPAA, PCAOB AS5, SAS 70, MERIGOT, ISO 27001, FFIEC, FISCAM, and the HKICPA Internal Control Guidance (for a full list please contact us)
  • Building competitive advantage through technology by identifying enhacements to include redundancies, shelf-ware, inefficiencies in architecture, and procedural improvements
  • Forging a strategic relationship between compliance, governance, and technology within corporations to form an enduring partnership
  • Inventorying, establishing metrics, measuring, and reporting on sourcing providers
  • Instituting a culturally reflective information security and compliance program
  • Develop and deploy supply-chain vendor audit programs
  • Conducting due diligence for merger and acquisition efforts around controls and technology
  • Partnering with internal audit and public accounting firms to provide AICPA certified opinions
  • Providing full technology and technology process control assurance services
  • Reducing IT cost and needless complexity

Contact Us
The methodology adhered to by Intellection Strategies is based upon global assurance standards and seeks to provide clients with optimal return on existing and future technology efforts. We may be contacted at 678-615-8777, or by email at solutions [at]